Table for Two

logo design

I collaborated with Table for Two, a decorative art brand by Betty Lau, she takes inspiration from modern art and pop culture, creating eclectic gifts and accessories to enrich your home with an exuberant yet laid-back charm. Her signature piece include vases created by 3D printing and silver plating, with lively modern forms of water shape to add dynamic on the still vases.

The logotype was drawn to feel lively, modern and delicate. The type contains a strong stem as well as finials that gradually thickens to represent water form and the melting elements in the vases. Made it slightly graphical with the ’B’ and ’T’ to mimic a vase on a table. And with the use of elongated line and slanted letters, it ties everything together. The logo convey the duality between the delicateness of flowers and liveliness energy that the metal gives.

design process