Shades of Noir

digital campaign

“Disabled people, the voice of many” is the digital campaign topic that we chose to work on. The final result is a series of animated gifs featuring different fabric pieces with hand-drawn figures and graphics, in response to rising awareness for both visible and invisible disabilities among our diversified community. 

We collected fabric scraps to create the animation, we believe something imperfect can still be beautiful just like disabled people. Hand drawn figures with variable geometrical shapes represent the diversity in our bodies and identities, contrasting the common representation of uniformed “female and male” disability signages. Graphical elements such as eyes, mouth, ear and hands were drawn to represent common visible disability. Abstract doodles lines were drawn to represent invisible disability such as dyslexia, ADHD; this is inspired by South Korean artist Seohye Lee’s illustration “Sphere of Sound”, which she uses abstract lines to represent sound.